inFlow v3.5.2 can create sales quotes straight from the product page

Introducing inFlow On-Premise v3.5.2

Posted by Thomas Wong

inFlow On-Premise v3.5.2 was released this week, and with it come a few changes and enhancements. The first change is that inFlow Inventory is now inFlow On-Premise. We’ve had over ten years to associate the name inFlow with inventory, so we’re now calling this product inFlow On-Premise to signify that it’s hosted on-site on your […]

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New Year, New Features! Here Comes Beta Version 3.4

Posted by Siobhan Hitchmough

New year, new features! While we’ve been enjoying some unseasonably warm(ish) weather here at inFlow HQ, it’s still weather for staying inside. With that in mind we’ve brewed some tea (and coffee), hunkered down, and built some new features we think you’ll be pretty excited about.  

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Get Control of your Inventory in the New Year!

Posted by Cassandra

It’s a new year and if your resolution is to get a handle on your inventory, we’ve got you covered! Not sure where to start? We’ve been putting together an online learning platform called inFlow Academy to help you get familiar with inFlow through videos, interactive questions, and printable summaries. Learn the best way to […]

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