inflow 2.5.1

Well hello there! It’s inFlow Inventory 2.5.1

Posted by Siobhan Hitchmough

[Please note: this is an archived blog post about inFlow v2, which is no longer available for sale. For the very latest version of inFlow Inventory, please visit our main inFlow Inventory website.] We’re happy to announce the public release of inFlow Inventory 2.5.1.  If you haven’t already done so,  feel free to download the v2 software edition now.

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windows 8 logo options

12 Amusing Alternatives to the Windows 8 Logo

Posted by Matthew Kostanecki

When we created the Windows 8 logo design contest, we were on the lookout for a viable contender to Microsoft’s much debated official Windows 8 logo. After receiving 700 entries, some of them were bound to be entertaining. We couldn’t let the creativity go to waste so we’re holding another contest to award the designer who created the most amusing alternative Windows 8 logo.

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