Updates to inFlow Cloud

We’re constantly improving the inFlow Cloud experience and we generally update the system on Tuesday evenings (EST). If we expect any downtime, we’ll update our status page to let you know.

The good news is your subscription includes all of the updates and fixes we release. Here’s how to make sure you’re in the latest and greatest version of inFlow Cloud:

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Nov 13, 2018

General improvements:

  •  You can now export all currently active pricing schemes to CSV spreadsheets.

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  We now properly hide Markup in a Product Details export if that team member doesn’t have access to Costs.
  •  We’ve fixed an issue where prices would not readjust properly when Unit of Measure changed and Fixed Markup was being used.

November 6, 2018

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  An issue that could cause outdated information to be shown in the desktop client has been resolved.
  •  The Review payment information prompt (which only shows if there’s a payment problem) now leads you to the correct web page.
  •  Search fields now properly clear themselves when you navigate to a different page.

October 30, 2018

General improvements:

  •  Custom documents can now include any of your sales order custom fields.
  •  Custom documents now have a new field: TotalOrderQuantity.
  •  The Current Stock screen can now display barcodes.
  •  The Dashboard no longer loads up automatically when you first open inFlow Cloud (this should help to speed things up for users with large databases).

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  We’ve fixed an instance where inFlow could fail to open if the background updating was interrupted.
  •   You should now be able to scan items into a stock adjustment screen even if the Product Details screen hasn’t been loaded before.


October 23, 2018

General improvements:

  •  We’ve added a new warning to resolve outstanding refunds before issuing a batch payment.
  •  The Stock Reordering Report can now display costs in home currency (in case your last purchase was in a foreign currency).
  •  We’ll now wait for an integration connection to fail five times before sending you a notification about disruption. (Sorry for the extra emails!)
  •  The product list in our web app now utilizes smart search, which works across Name, Description, and Category.

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  The Stock Reordering Report will now properly differentiate Unit Cost and Last vendor price.

October 16, 2018

General improvements:

  •  The shipping toggle of the web now behaves similarly to the Windows app (if it’s toggled on, it will stay on for new orders as well).

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  Batch payments now sync properly to QuickBooks Online.

October 9, 2018

General improvements:

  •  We’ve added Last Vendor Price to the Stock Reordering Report.
  •  We’ve increased the timeout time when exporting data (this should help with running larger CSV exports).
  •  Count sheets now offer an additional warning that you should stop inventory movements before you begin a count.
  •  Count sheets can now be split in two (useful if you don’t finish everything in a count).
  •  You can now make Sales Quotes on the web.
  •  We’ve optimized our internal accounting calculations to make them run faster.

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  You should no longer see a red X on touchscreen computers after inputting items on an order.
  •  Service and Non-stocked items should once again show in the order history. (Sorry about that!)
  •   Tapping the search icon on iOS and Android should now bring up the search field and keyboard (this used to require an extra tap).


October 2, 2018

 Simple email setup

We’ve added a new way to send emails from inFlow Cloud. Instead of having to enter servers, ports, and SSL settings, inFlow just needs you to specify a Reply-To address (in fact, it autofills it with your inFlow Cloud email address). When using this simplified email setup, inFlow Cloud can send emails on your behalf and any responses will be sent straight to the Reply-To address you’ve specified.

Oh, and if you’d like a copy of the emails in your email account, you can add your email address to the Default BCC field, too.

If you’d like to try the new simplified email settings, check out our new support article.

 Barcode scanner support on Android

We’ve added support for external barcode scanners (attached via USB or Bluetooth) to our companion app for Android.

With a barcode scanner attached to your Android device, you can now scan products from the product list, or scan them into the stock adjustment screen. inFlow will understand that you want to look up a product, or stock it in or out, without any extra taps.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

General improvements:

 If one of your integrations is disrupted (e.g., inFlow is unable to connect to Shopify to pull orders), inFlow Cloud will attempt to reconnect each day for a month, and you’ll also receive an email when the connection is re-established.

Stuff we’ve fixed:

 The user rights restrictions around Order History now properly restrict team members from viewing them.


September 11, 2018

 A new historical inventory report:


We’ve added a new inventory report! It’s called the Historical Inventory Details report and it’s great for showing how much stock was in a particular location at the end of a specific date.

This report is available for all inFlow Cloud plans, so if you’d like to travel back into your inventory past, there’s no time like the present.

General improvements:

 We’ve renamed the payment button in our Customer Batch Payment window to Pay Remaining. This should better reflect how the button behaves: it helps to pay off outstanding customer balances, but it doesn’t resolve any outstanding refunds or credit.

Stuff we’ve fixed:

 For those of you who have experienced a red X showing on-screen, this update should help with that (but if you still have issues, please contact us at support@inflowinventory.com).

September 4, 2018

 Progress indicators on orders:

inFlow Cloud's progress indicator for sales and purchase orders

While working on a purchase or sales order, inFlow now shows a progress indicator in the bottom-right corner. For example, if you’re in the Pick tab of a sales order, you can now see what percentage of the order has been picked. This is great for showing the current status of an order to anyone who views it, without having to leave all sorts of remarks and notes for other teammates.

Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

General improvements:

  •  We’ve added the Lesotho Loti as a currency option.

August 28, 2018

 Create barcodes right from inFlow Cloud

We've added new settings to help you get barcoded faster

We’ve had a lot of questions from inFlow customers about how to get started with barcoding, so we saw this as a great opportunity to make things a little bit easier. inFlow Cloud for Windows can now help you to automatically fill in your barcode fields for all products, or any products you create going forward. For more details, see our barcoding support article.

If you’d like to print off a set of barcode labels based on your current stock, this update has you covered too! Our Current Stock screen now offers an option to print labels, and our label printing article has the full instructions.

General improvements:

  •  To prevent accidental database recalculations, we’ve added an extra confirmation step before you change your costing method or currency.

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  When importing Sales Order, Pre-Tax price wasn’t being calculated for Tax-Inclusive items.
  •  At mobile sizing, the View List button is causing the top bar to shift down and overlap the record title bar.
  •  The menu was not visible when viewing the web app on a phone-sized screen with a trial account.
  •  The inFlow Cloud checkout page didn’t reflect the quantity of team members selected on the My Trial page.
  •    Customers who only had an On-Premise account were not given proper errors when they tried to log into our apps (you need a Cloud account in order to use them).
  •    Pricing Schemes weren’t sorting alphabetically on mobile as they do on inFlow Cloud for Windows.