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April 16, 2019

General improvements:

  •  We’ve changed how the TO field is populated when you scan products onto the Stock Transfer screen. You’ll need to specify the TO field for the very first scanned item, but subsequent items will default to the same location as the previous item. This should make for much easier batch scanning!

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  Consecutive scans of the same item will no longer create multiple lines on an order, but instead will show on a single line.
  •  Stock transfers will now always show the UoM for each product.
  •  The UoM dropdown menu was stuck showing the default UoM values — but it will now respect and display the ones you choose.
  •  Online Showroom will now use your inFlow email address as the reply-to address, and have noreply@inflowinventory.com as the From address.


April 9, 2019

Assisted import for Cratejoy sales 

If you use Cratejoy, the e-commerce platform that focuses on subscription boxes, then this new feature is for you. We’ve implemented an assisted import feature which will recognize if you’re importing a CSV export from Cratejoy and then automatically map all of the relevant fields to inFlow.

Even better, there are no extra controls to fiddle with. The import window looks the same as before, it’s just more helpful if the right kind of CSV is detected.

By the way, if you’re looking for more assisted imports for other e-commerce sites, let us know in our Community forum!

Warehouse picking assistance 

We’re rolling out an improvement to make picking items in the warehouse more efficient, specifically in inFlow Cloud for Windows.

The key to this idea is to organize warehouse aisles like street addresses, with odd numbers on one side, and even numbers on the other. For example, you’d have sublocation B-01, B-03, and B-05 on one side of the aisle and B-02, B04, and B-06 on the other.

When it’s time to pick items for a sales order, inFlow will now reorder the pick list based on the most efficient route through the warehouse. This should help to minimize the distance that pickers will have to walk through the warehouse when retrieving products.

General improvements:

  • You can now batch fulfill and cancel sales orders through an import. 
  • We’ve tweaked how our barcode scanning works to prioritize adding the exact item name match over a partial barcode match. 
  • inFlow will now skip deactivated products when generating barcodes. 
  • You can now split sub-assemblies on work orders into their own separate work orders. 

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  • We fixed a niche work order bug where the entire work order could show as “completed” while the finished goods could still be considered as “Qty on order”. 

April 2, 2019

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  • The sales order list wasn’t loading properly when the last 20 orders/quotes were inactive. 
  • The Continue button on the Online Showroom shopping cart could be pushed out of view if there were long item descriptions. 

March 19, 2019

General improvements:

  • We’ve added category support to Online Showroom in both the product listings and in search 
  • Product custom fields can now appear in Online Showroom 

March 5, 2019

General improvements:

  •  Customer phone numbers now sync over from Shopify and WooCommerce orders.

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  We’ve fixed how manual costs are averaged after a work order.
  •  Sales custom fields #2 and #3 will now stay selected as search filters on the sales order list, even after leaving the search screen.
  •  The new Stock Transfer Report report title and tab name now show in full (it previously only showed up as Stock Transfers, which was a little confusing).
  •   We’ve fixed an issue where the mobile app could crash after 8 products were added to a stock adjustment.

February 26, 2019

 Stock Transfer Report

There’s a new report in town. It’s called the Stock Transfer Report and it helps you evaluate the total value (based on cost) of the items in each stock transfer. You’ll find it in the Inventory Reports section of our Windows app. Or in the saloon.

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  We’ve removed Unit Cost columns from the work order reports (it didn’t make sense to show a total, that was a mistake).
  •  We fixed a timezone issue for WooCommerce sync that could cause delays in syncing.
  •  Orders will no longer be disabled if inFlow Cloud’s server displays a save error.

February 19, 2019

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  The drop-down menu for Carrier now displays properly on purchase orders.

February 13, 2019

General improvements:

  •  You can now import CSV files that use a semicolon instead of a comma (shout out to our customers in Europe!).
  •  You can now change Item Names in bulk via Product Details import.
  •  We’ve added Location as a filter on the Work Order list.
  •  We’ve reorganized the menu in the Web app to mimic the menu in our Windows app for better consistency.
  •   We’ve made multiple improvements to the mobile scanning experience to make it easier to pick up and use. If you use mobile scanning, we’d love to hear what you think!
  •   Scanning an unknown product will now show an option to create a new product

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  We’ve optimized our servers to deliver inFlow Cloud updates even faster during releases
  •  Vendor price now properly rounds to five digits (instead of four).
  •  The drop-down menus for Purchasing UoM, Carrier and Taxing Scheme now appear properly in the Web app.

February 5, 2019

General improvements:

  •  We’ve increased the page size in the Online Showroom to show 24 items at once (previously 12).
  •  We’ve added measures to ensure that your customers’ replies to your Showroom emails end up at at your email address. This won’t affect inFlow customers using legacy email settings.

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •  The drop down menu for Showroom wasn’t activating properly, but it will now.
  •  Amazon orders with more than one taxing scheme now properly sync to inFlow Cloud.
  •  Low stock email notifications now deliver properly, even if you have a large number of items to reorder.
  •  The Pick and Fulfill tabs no longer autofill the quantity when scanning or selecting items.
  •  We fixed a niche error that could occur if you changed quantities in the Return tab of a sales order and then moved to the Restock tab.

January 29, 2019

General improvements:

  •  Before larger updates to the program, inFlow Cloud will not prompt you to save the currently open record so that you don’t lose any changes before major updates. You won’t see this prompt this week, but we’ve put the system in place to be prepared for our next major release.

Stuff we’ve fixed:

  •   We’ve fixed an issue where certain databases had difficulty after unarchiving (i.e., reactivating the account after a period of not using inFlow Cloud).