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April 17, 2018

   Amazon integration:

Handle logistics through Amazon, and inventory through inFlow

Amazon is our second e-commerce integration for pulling sales into inFlow, and it’s also our first early access feature. We’ve been testing this one for a while and wanted to get it into users’ hands as soon as possible, but please note that you might experience a few hiccups along the way. We’ll make sure to update this page when Amazon hits final release.

In the meantime, you can check out our Amazon blog post for more details.

General improvements:

  • The drop-down lists for setting home currency and taxing method can no longer be changed by the scroll wheel (which makes it harder to change them by accident) 

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • Non-admin users should no longer see the “You are not authorized” popup after deactivating items 
  • The spacing for credit card drop-downs (like country selection) is now fixed 

April 10, 2018

General improvements:

  • Reports are now given more time to run on our server (which should help when generating very large reports) 
  • You can now click on images in the inFlow Cloud web app (this works on the Windows app, too!) 
  • The web app menu is now called Settings (previously Options) 

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • When importing sales orders, inFlow now interprets the Shipping address from the file and not the existing customer record 
  • Fixed a crash when printing customer statement / other reports 
  • Billing and Shipping Addresses are now updated properly when importing sales orders to inFlow Cloud 
  • Fixed a login issue with QuickBooks Online 
  • An empty Shopify SKU should no longer cause problems with syncing 
  • Showroom invites should now work for users with a Yahoo! email 
  • Trailing spaces for an email address no longer causes errors when purchasing inFlow 
  • Fixed a layout issue with our Reset password screen 

March 27, 2018

Team Member Tracking:  

inFlow Cloud has always had Versions for checking on changes that different users have made to records. Versions show how many times a product or order has been saved, which team member made the changes, and when that happened. The new Team Member Tracking report builds on the concept of Versions and lets inFlow administrators see what the team has been up to.

You can generate reports for one or more team members to see which sales orders and products they’ve changed in a given time period — handy for internal audits or tracking team performance. If you’d like to try this feature out for yourself, please see our Team Member Tracking support article.

General improvements:

  • inFlow admins can now reset the inFlow Cloud database (this previously required assistance from our support team) 
  • inFlow admins can now reset and import from an inFlow On-Premise backup  (this previously required assistance from our support team) 

March 20, 2018

Pull sales orders from Shopify:  

This is a feature we’ve been extra excited to release. If you run an e-commerce shop with Shopify, you can now pull new orders straight into inFlow Cloud, automatically. All it takes is a few quick setup steps from the Integrations page of our web app.

But wait, there’s more! In a first for any version of inFlow, you can now pull from multiple Shopify stores to a single inFlow Cloud account. So for the industrious among you with Shopify stores for multiple countries, you can now view all of those sales orders without ever leaving inFlow.

For more information, check out our Shopify sync blog post.

Edit customers in the web app:  

Product edit led the way for our first major feature for the inFlow Cloud web app, and now customer edit is here. If you visit app.inflowinventory.com today you’ll be treated to a new green icon along the left side. Select that and you’ll find a familiar interface for creating new customers or editing existing ones.

Want to see what else changed? Check out our customer edit blog post.

General improvements:

  • While entering a customer or vendor address, Zip/Postal Code now appears before Country to stay consistent with other programs

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • When exporting CSV files, inFlow will use the date formatting from that particular computer 
  • inFlow will show you a warning if a printed label cannot show all the text you asked for 

March 13, 2018

General Improvements:

  • Pop-up messages about negative inventory now help you check which items are causing the warning 

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • We’ve patched a rare issue where some users were unable to view their product lists 

March 8, 2018

Label printing with DYMO printers:  

If your shipments don’t come with barcodes, or if you just need labels to stick on products, then this update is for you.

You can now print labels for products on your purchase orders and work orders without ever leaving inFlow Cloud. For the full details, see our label printing blog post.

General Improvements:

  • We’ve designed clearer controls for choosing between fixed price and fixed markup on pricing schemes 

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • We now show a more specific error message if inFlow fails to update on the first attempt 
  • Units of measure (UoM) can no longer be numbers 
  • Showroom was showing service-type products as ‘available’ twice 
  • Some customers were seeing the custom fields on products disappearing

March 1, 2018

  See the bigger picture (of your product):

Due to popular demand, you can now click to enlarge pictures on the product page. This is helpful if you have a lot of similar looking products, or if you just enjoy a larger-than-life view of your inventory.

Here’s how it looks in action:

General improvements:

  • We’ve added a pop-up to let you know if there was an error while generating a report  
  • Invoices for your inFlow Cloud subscription now have invoice numbers 

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • Sales order syncing could fail if a product name was formatted like a date 
  • We now show the proper currency symbol for the Macedonian Denar 
  • Long descriptions on a sales order could cause two selection arrows to show up in the Item Name column 
  • Units of Measure (UoM) now have to be written out as words 

February 22, 2018

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • If you’re trying to email out of inFlow Cloud, we’ve added new pop-ups to let you know if email address or password is wrong 
  • We’ve changed our payment button for inFlow Cloud checkout so that clicking multiple times won’t inadvertently pay us multiple times 

February 15, 2018

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • Users uploading inFlow On-Premise backups on a slower internet connection should be able to do so without issue 
  • Changes to an inFlow Cloud plan (e.g., Essentials to Advanced) could inadvertently change the billing frequency to Monthly 
  • A few customers were not seeing their products appearing in their *Online Showroom*, but they can see them now! 

February 8, 2018

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • Our invoices for inFlow Cloud sometimes lacked a company name 
  • Some Cloud users were seeing a blank subscription, even though they were properly subscribed 
  • Product images were not displaying properly on some Android devices