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December 14, 2017

General improvements:

  • We’ve added new column options to the Inventory Summary report: Quantity on Hand, Quantity Picked, and Quantity in Transit are now selectable 
  • inFlow Cloud is now compatible with the automatic taxing scheme feature in QuickBooks Online  

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • Non-admin users can no longer revert to a previous Version of a closed order 
  • Auto-filling the Pick tab on a work order will now combine like components on a single line  
  • We’ve fixed a migration conflict in instances where an inFlow On-Premise usernames was the same as an inFlow Cloud team member address 

November 23, 2017

  Pick Date:


Our latest update adds Pick Date to all new and existing sales orders, to show you exactly when each product was picked (taken off the shelves). This Pick Date is handy if your business doesn’t pick items right after a sales order is created, or if you often handle large sales orders where items are picked on different dates.

If you’ve already got sales in inFlow Cloud, any fulfilled order will have a Pick Date matching the Order Date (the date it was created). But if you’re creating a new sales order, the Pick Date will be added when you place a product in the Pick tab. For full details, please see this support article.

This is a highly useful feature if you need complete tracking of inventory picking, but if you’d rather not use it, just press the Fulfill button on your sales order and inFlow Cloud will fulfill it just like before (but with a Pick Date that matches the current date).

General improvements:

  • We’ve made it even easier to start using inFlow Cloud if you already have an On-Premise database 
  • If you’re uploading an inFlow On-Premise database to inFlow Cloud, we’ll email you once your database has been migrated (how convenient!) 

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • We fixed an issue where importing completed sales could show them as unfulfilled within inFlow’s sales order list 
  • Users who use our web app will always be redirected to the more secure https://app.inflowinventory.com 
  • We’ve fixed a bug where a new user could edit company information without being an administrator 

November 9, 2017

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • We’ve improved the signup experience to make it even easier to get started with inFlow Cloud! 
  • We fixed an issue where customers using our QBO integration might have seen their ability to sync revoked (sorry about that!) 

October 26, 2017

General improvements:

  • Our Windows app will now always show you the login screen when you load up, unless you specifically ask it to remember your password 
  • Our import screen is now clearer about how much data has been changed, or if there were any errors after an import 

October 12, 2017

  QuickBooks Online integration:

inFlow and QuickBooks Online, together at last!

If you prefer to keep your inventory in inFlow and your accounting in QuickBooks Online, then we made this update just for you (and thousands of other inFlow users)!

Once the integration is set up, inFlow Cloud will automatically sync new sales orders to QuickBooks Online account, where they’ll appear as transactions. Having inFlow communicate with QuickBooks helps to eliminate a lot of double entries in the two systems, and it should make your accountant happier — especially if they’re off-site or don’t use inFlow themselves.

If you’re ready to get started, check out our QuickBooks Online support article. We’re excited to see what you think!

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • inFlow no longer freezes due to multiple copies of the program running 
  • We’ve fixed an issue where updates could stall the program 
  • inFlow should no longer stall while exporting lots of records to CSV 
  • We’ve made it clearer which plan is available on the trial (it’s Advanced) 
  • We’ve improved our warning if you start inFlow Cloud while your PC is offline 
  • We’ve fixed a migration issue for new Cloud users with attachments in their On-Premise backup 
  • Our password resets now alert you in red if the email does not exist in our system 
  • We’ve fixed an issue where admins couldn’t make subscription changes to accounts 
  • The Product Price or Inventory Details screen no longer crashes the app on Android 4.4 

September 19, 2017

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • We’ve fixed an issue where existing saved reports were not showing up 

September 17, 2017

General improvements:

inFlow Cloud’s performance was not up to our standards and it was causing some slowdowns for users. We want inFlow to feel like a dependable tool that your business can rely on, so we rewrote the underlying code to speed things up.  

September 5, 2017

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • We’ve improved the loading screen to let you know if inFlow is loading up or downloading an update 
  • inFlow now waits a longer period of time for updates to account for slower internet speeds 
  • Scanning barcodes no longer causes the app to freeze 
  • We’ve fixed a rare issue where On-Premise backups with custom documents could fail to migrate if the documents had missing images 
  • If something is wrong with your import file or settings, we’ll tell let you know there is an issue 

August 21, 2017

  Closing old orders:

Whether it’s the end of your financial year or that you simply prefer to keep the past in the past, our new features to protect historical data should help you out. In previous versions of inFlow Cloud, any team member with the sufficient user rights could reopen orders. This was to help businesses correct mistakes, but we’ve also heard that reopening old orders can be a bad thing.

Our solution to this was to leave all of the default settings the same, but provide you with new options. You can now set inFlow Cloud to automatically close fulfilled orders that are older than X days old, or any orders before a particular date. Closed orders can only be opened by administrators of the inFlow account, so you can still make corrections if you really need to.

For full details on how to handle closed orders, check out our support page!

General improvements:

  • You can now choose Contact Name as a column on the Sales Order list 
  • You can now choose Barcode as a column on the Product list 

Issues we’ve fixed:

  • Large imports could slow inFlow, so we’ve improved the import logic to make it several times faster