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      Some States including California charge a Can or Bottle tax on Drinks known as California Redemption Value or CRV tax. Our vendors charge us these CRV taxes. These taxes are not based on percentages, but a defined amount I.E. for 12 oz soda cans it’s $0.05. I think a feature allowing to add non-percentage taxes in the tax scheme an idea place for these. both On-Premise and Cloud versions.

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    • Peter

      Hi there,

      Thanks for posting again and for outlining exactly what’s going on each time. You’re entirely right about being able to do taxes as flat amounts rather than percentages would be a super useful feature to help with situations like this.

      You could add it as a a service item and that was have the cost come out of your overall profits if you inputted it on a Purchase Order, or if you had it on a Sales Order you could have it add directly onto the customers invoice as a price.

      I understand this isn’t perfect and I’ve brought your feedback to our development team to discuss the possibility of adding this in the future and I promise I’ll keep you updated as we move forward.

      Thanks again for bringing everything up!

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