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P.O.# Export to QuickBooks


      Why doesn’t the P.O # get synchronised with QuickBooks?
      That is probably the most important detail when sending an invoice out. When we send an invoice direct from Inflow the PO number is included, however when we send a reminder from QB, we lose time as the PO number is missing and ends up creating more work.
      This should be prioritised in my opinion.
      Thank you

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    • Peter

      Hi Pat,

      Thanks for posting and I completely see why bringing PO #’s into QBO would be a great help to you. Unfortunately PO #s and other User defined fields aren’t defaulted into QBO’s Sales feature. These are all optional fields, the same way that custom fields are in inFlow. Including optional syncs like this are tricky in integrations and it’s why we’ve stayed away from it so far.

      I have brought the feedback to my development team and we are looking to deepen this integration as well as our other integrations in the future.

      I hope this adds a bit of context to it and I will keep you updated as we move forward with this feature!

      Thanks again!

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