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Showroom – Categories to display on the index in full

    • Lance Burrows


      * You have recently added categories to display on the index of the showroom and on individual items, on the index you only get the final sub-category to display however the individual items display the whole category, sub-category etc;
      By having the index display the whole category path this will greatly reduce confusion.

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    • Peter

      Hi Lance,

      Thanks for posting and I can see why this could be an issue for you for organizing your stock. We did do this consciously as we wanted to be consistent with how the categories are displayed in inFlow’s desktop Client.

      We didn’t want to overload the list page with all of the categories as there is no limit to the amount of sub categories that inFlow can handle and it wasn’t possible to design a display for this.

      I’m really sorry that this setup doesn’t work well for you and the full category list is available on the product info page itself. I hope this clears things up a bit!

      Thanks again for all the suggestions!

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