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Suggestion for API

    • In order for developers to integrate a fulfillment system and eCommerce websites we suggest that an API that we could access for inflow on would be the next best thing that you guys could offer. Without it we personally may have to switch to a new inventory system to move our business forward.

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    • Peter

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for posting and you’re entirely right about the benefits of providing an API for inFlow Cloud. Right now, inFlow Cloud is still going through a lot of changes in its foundations as we’re still only in its second public year. So for that reason we’re starting by building a few integrations of our own first to put it through its paces and we may consider releasing a public API down the road.

      Until that part of the system is more built out, it’s nearly impossible to maintain a reliable API because the guts would shift so much it would be breaking everyone’s personalized integrations. And that’s a terrible experience for our customers.

      So while it’s painful to say no, we feel it’s important enough to take our time with.

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    • Hi Inflow,

      any news on a target date to provide an API ?

      We are having a similar problem as Mike.
      Now, an administrative resource has to transfer data manually from our internal production & QA equipment software to Inflow. Bearing in mind the increasing number of data (products and operations), this way of working is getting very “cost-uneffective”.

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