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UoM Pricing for Purchase Orders


      When adding new products or changing product prices, it should derive the UoM cost of each based on the purchasing UoM cost.

      I.E. I purchase a box (UoM Cases) of Snickers Candy bars and resell them in singles (UoM ea) The inventory price for each should be divided based on purchase UoM. if UoM for purchases is Ea than enter price as is, if UoM is cases than divide UoM cases count and make the price of of the item as that.

      1 Cases of Snickers 22.99, Sold as UoM Ea (40 in a case), so 22.99 / 40 = Item Cost.

      When entering it manually for the cost of them product, the Purchase Order doesn’t give the correct amount due, in turn throwing the whole Purchase Order off completely by hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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    • Peter

      Hi there,

      Thanks for posting and outlining the issue you’re having with how UoM’s calculate cost for your goods.

      I think the confusion here is derived from the different price/cost fields in the program and where they pull their information from. The key will be to make sure that your Vendor Prices are inputted for your products along with the Purchasing UoM so that inFlow will know what info to pull.

      The program should be able to spread out the cost of a case on a PO over each individual unit as you outlined. If it’s not working out there could be something in the way your costs or costing scheme is setup that’s causing this and feel free to post some screenshots or other info about how it’s working or reach out to us from any of the ways on our contact us page here and we’ll do our best to help.

      Thanks again for bringing this up and providing such good context!

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