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Perfect for evaluating inFlow or if you've just started your small business.

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Outgrown pencil and paper? Need to graduate from Excel? This edition is for you!

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The most powerful solution. Perfect for manufacturers and companies who need serial number tracking.

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Products + Customers

The Free Edition is limited to a total of 100 products plus customers. However, you can upgrade anytime for unlimited records.

Built-In Reports

Built-in reports for sales, profit, accounts receivable, bestselling products, back orders, how long your inventory will last and more. Plus, you can create and save your own custom reports.

Multi-User Mode

Each license allows one person to use inFlow at a time. For example, 2 licenses means 2 people can read and write data at once. Get your productivity on!

Read onlyRead & writeRead & write

Get more efficient and accurate. Plug in a wired or wireless USB barcode scanner and handling orders can be as easy as scanning the products!

Multiple LocationsIncludedIncludedIncluded
Fifo/Lifo/Average CostingIncludedIncludedIncluded
Sales & Purchase OrdersIncludedIncludedIncluded
Track Payments OwingIncludedIncludedIncluded
Custom Fields

Every business is unique. Add your own fields to products, customers, and orders. You can also rename existing labels in inFlow to suit your needs.

Import/Export DataIncludedIncludedIncluded
Automatic BackupsIncludedIncludedIncluded
Count Sheets

Stop losing inventory! Use inFlow’s count sheets during your cycle counts to find out if stock is missing.

Customize Documents

Look professional! Customize your printed orders and invoices to suit your business needs and brand.

Separate User Logins

Create separate user logins to keep track of who did what and password-protect your system.

Restrict Access Rights

Prevent mistakes and protect your sensitive information. You can choose which features of inFlow each user can view or edit.

Bill of Materials/Kits

Set up the parts that go into each finished product. inFlow also supports multi-level BOMs.

Work Orders

Do you do any manufacturing? Assemble finished products from raw materials, automatically updating the inventory.

Serial Numbers

Do your products have serial numbers? inFlow can track each one separately, with full history and costing.


Your license purchase includes a maintenance plan for one year, which gives you access to our support team

1 Year Included1 Year Included
Ongoing support

Renew your maintenance plan to continue to have live support by your side

Optional, $99/year/licenceOptional, $199/year/licence
World-class support, viaSupport Center onlyLive chat, phone, emailLive chat, phone, email

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We’d recommend the Regular Edition. You’ll be able to seamlessly track your items going in and out of your business. You’ll also be able to keep tabs on items you don’t sell.

You can always upgrade to the Premium Edition anytime later if you find you might need bills of materials, work orders or serial number tracking.

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The Premium Edition gives you special features such as using serial numbers and bills of materials/work orders.

The bill of materials and work order functionality will allow you to easily assemble or build products from other products.

Plus, the Premium Edition comes with advanced reports like Estimated Inventory Duration.

Get a free 30 day trial now

Well aren’t you a unique snowflake! :)

inFlow Free Edition can be used for a variety of different applications such as asset tracking, home inventory tracking and more.

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Frequently asked questions


What’s the catch with the Free Edition?

The main limitation is 100 products and customers. It’s great if you want to take inFlow for a test drive or if you’re just starting your business. Once you reach 100 products and customers combined, we hope you’ll love inFlow enough to upgrade to a paid edition, with no limits!

Do you offer a trial of the paid editions?

Yes, and no credit card is required! Download and install the Free Edition and you’ll see an option on the home screen to activate a 30 day trial of the Premium Edition. After 30 days, it reverts back to the Free Edition.

Can multiple people use inFlow?

You can create an unlimited number of user accounts. Additional licenses are needed for as many people you want to be able to edit in inFlow at the same time. For example, two licenses means two people can edit in inFlow simultaneously. Extra users will still have read only access.

What if I don’t like inflow?

Simply get in touch within 45 days of purchase for a 100% refund. We offer this guarantee because we’re confident you’ll love what inFlow can do for you and your business.

inFlow Inventory is the #1 downloaded inventory software for small businesses.

For an installed solution, there is no better. Inventory, invoice and pack/ship in one solution.

Tim G. from Capterra Software Reviews

Capterra gave inFlow Inventory 5/5 stars

Is it really a one-time fee?

Yes! The license fee is one-time and includes one year of support. If you’d like to continue having support, you can subscribe to an optional maintenance plan ($99/year per regular license, and $199/year per premium license).

What’s your support like?

We pride ourselves in offering world-class support! And we don’t just say that, our customers do too! We understand that business software is mission critical to your success so we take support very seriously. Nothing but the best will do!

The support options they offer are among the best that we have reviewed.

inFlow Inventory software is a great product for anyone who runs or manages a business that has an inventory.

Karina Fabian from TopTenReviews

Top Ten Reviews gave inFlow Inventory 5/5 stars

Can I mix regular and premium licenses?

Yes! You can even set which users get to use which license and when.

How do I upgrade from the Free Edition?

Buying a license simply unlocks additional features (no need to re-install or redownload). Just restart inFlow after your purchase to continue where you left off.

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With inFlow Cloud, your data is securely hosted online so 
you can manage your business from anywhere on your 
computer, tablet and smartphone.

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We highly recommend inFlow for its ease of use, numerous options and free download.

From providing customer quotes, looking at warehouse stock, and running reports on last month’s sales, we were thoroughly impressed with the array of options and how simple they were to navigate.

Editor from CNET's

Cnet Reviews gave inFlow Inventory 4/5 stars

Upgrade anytime

You can buy the regular edition now and pay the difference for premium anytime.

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inFlow Inventory has been named on Profit 500's list; Canada's Fastest Growing Companies in 2016. inFlow Inventory also as A+ accredidation from the BBB and has been ranked the #1 inventory software by Top Ten Reviews. inFlow Inventory has been named on Profit 500's list; Canada's Fastest Growing Companies in 2016. inFlow Inventory also as A+ accredidation from the BBB and has been ranked the #1 inventory software by Top Ten Reviews.

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